Learn Why New Modalities Need New Approaches in This On-Demand Webinar

New modalities require new ways of thinking - and new approaches to testing. Whether you have a new modality in development or have questions about emerging technology, this expert-led, on-demand webinar has the answers. Watch and listen along as WuXi AppTec’s VP & Global Head of Bioanalytical Services, Jing Shi, Ph.D., walks through how drug developers are using newer, innovative bioanalytical platforms to advance new therapies further - and faster.  

WuXi AppTec Bioanalytical Services

WuXi AppTec is a global leader in preclinical drug development testing and world-class expert in bioanalysis. We are a full-service partner, acting as an extension of your team and providing end-to-end testing services and regulatory support. 

  • 500+ active clients
  • 500+ bioanalytical staff
  • 2,000+ global clinical trials supported
  • 1 million+ bioanalytical samples analyzed per year
  • 150+ novel compounds supported per year


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