Learn How to Optimize ADME & PK Testing in this On-Demand Webinar

How much does DMPK strategy - including which ADME & PK assays you utilize - impact development success for new therapies? In this on-demand webinar, WuXi AppTec’s Jing Jin explores DMPK testing strategies that help developers move projects forward and ensure development success more efficiently.

WuXi AppTec DMPK Services

WuXi AppTec is a global leader in preclinical drug development testing and world-class expert in DMPK & ADME. We are a full-service partner, acting as an extension of your team and providing end-to-end testing services and regulatory support. 

  • 1,000+ global clients
  • 900+ DMPK staff
  • 600+ successful IND filings supported
  • 20k+ in vivo studies per year
  • 300k+ in vitro studies per year


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